20 June 2013

Summer is upon us!

32 Weeks down!
Tomorrow marks the official beginning of summer.  I have been more in tune with time these last 7 months than ever before- ticking off each week, and reading about our developing baby's new accomplishments in utero.  It is amazing how much growth takes place in such a short period of time!  Now we are just 7.5 weeks away from his estimated due date, and couldn't be more excited.
I was unsure what farming while pregnant would be like, but it's been a positive adventure.  As my belly grows and my energy shrinks, I've found new roles to hold: "Market Prep," letting others handle the harvest while I sit in the shade sorting strawberries, cleaning green onions, and bundling radishes into bunches; "Chef Extraordinaire," cooking up lunch to feed the farm crew, which is ever growing with new volunteers and interns; "Novice Bee Keeper," repairing old frames and inserting new foundations into them for our future bees to build delicious honey combs on.  On Wednesday I weeded our sweet potato mounds, a great job for someone with a big belly because you don't have to bend down to the earth, the earth is mounded up to meet you!
I also enjoy staffing Chestnut Cliff Farm's booth at the Freeport Farmer's Market (Saturdays from 7am-11am in the CVS parking lot on South Street) along with my soon-to-be sister-in-law Margaret and the occasional farm intern that wants to see the joy on customer's faces.
So I've had to adjust, but have found there are still plenty of jobs that need to be done a pregnant lady can handle, and plan to keep on putting in my 20 hours at least for a few more weeks :)

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