13 March 2013

It seems like I go for months at a time with nothing to write about, then suddenly life explodes and needs a place to be heard.  I like to use this blog as a journal for when my paper journal is not handy or not appealing.  Considering I am in a library in Jacksonville, IL for the day, I would say this is one of those times.  I often travel with Nick when he has to go out of town for work, and more often than not have him drop me off at the local library where I can enjoy free internet, clean bathrooms, and blissful quiet until he comes back to ferry me away.  It's a good deal!  I've spent a day in this very library before under the same circumstances, so I know the turf.  He dropped me off 10 minutes after the library opened, and I snagged the sweet table closest to the windows and power outlets.  This isn't my first rodeo. 

Spring is almost upon us!  My dad has completed his seed orders and the packages are rolling in.  Every time I am over at the farm the mound of large manila envelopes and small white boxes is larger.  It is amazing that these tiny seeds will grow into months worth of food for our family and families in the community this summer and in the cold winter months that will inevitably return.  I am excited to start eating fresh homegrown food again.  I think we all are.

This summer the vegetables won't be the only thing growing and getting bigger.  Nick and I are expecting our first baby, due August 12th!  That's definitely going to make for an interesting summer.  I envision it involving a whole lot of naps during the heat of the day, and a whole lot of delicious and nutritious food.  

I have several hopes for this blog over the coming season:
1. Share seasonal recipes, with most if not all of the ingredients involved coming right out of the garden
2. Include updates on our home remodeling and landscaping projects as we make our property our own
3. Share tips and thoughts on pre and post natal farming

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  1. How 'bout a "seasonal recipe"? nothing fancy, but per your current post it looks like you have been cooking some stuff up!