16 August 2013

Putting food by

There aren't many things that bring me as much satisfaction as seeing row upon row of canned goods sitting upon the counter like a a small army, waiting to cool, seal, and be marched down to the basement until they are called upon to grace our table this winter. While cleaning up the kitchen, each little "bup" as the jars seal is like a small gift that brings a smile to my face every time.  Canning is a lot of work.  But like anything that involves some level of effort, the results are so worth it.  With our little one's pending arrival smack in the midst of tomato and pepper season, I wasn't so sure I'd get to putting any salsa by this year.  And while I'd like to get about this much more on the shelf (we love our salsa!) I am happy to at least have some done! 
19 pints of salsa, 12 pints of sauerkraut
1. Swiss Chard in the field
2. Chopped and ready to blanch
3. Blanching

4. Ice water bath
5. Ready for the freezer!

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