12 May 2012

Week in Review

This week was a challenge!  Nick was gone on a trip for work so I had to hold down the fort on my own.  My days started around 6:15 with a quick breakfast, warming up milk and then bottle feeding our two baby goats, milking Dora (and praying my soap making materials arrive soon!), greeting the chickens and letting them out for the day, packing up my backpack, and flying off on my motorcycle to the family farm.
We accomplished a lot this week, mostly garden oriented, though not all.
On the first Monday of every month my mom takes her guitar and anyone she can rally to go with her and leads a sing-along at an Adult Daycare in town.  I went along, and it was fun!  Much enthusiasm from all who participated. It was a nice way to break up the work day.
In the garden we planted Asparagus (which will start producing for harvest in 2014), put up the pea fences which our tender little plants will wrap their tendrils around as they grow, weeded endless rows of tiny carrots, scorzonera (also known as salsify or vegetable oyster), and lettuce, and tilled between the rows- keeping pesky weeds at bay.
My dad went to Farmer's Market on both Wednesday and Saturday, so that meant that Tuesday and Friday were load up days- filled with harvesting green onions, radishes, and spinach, cleaning them, and rubber banding them in bunches ready for sale.
On Friday we went to the farm where we are currently getting our asparagus until our own patch is matured.  The field is huge, and you ride along on a machine low to the ground grabbing asparagus as fast as your fingers can fly for about 3 hours.  It's a riot.
In the evenings I enjoyed my usual Monday yoga class, Wednesday water polo, and wedding planning every other night before milking Dora, closing up the chickens, and getting ready to do it all again the next day.
Pictures coming soon!  

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  1. That sounds like TONS of fun Marli! Of course you have a way of making everything sound fun :-) I sure wish we lived closer to an asparagus farm! That would be SO fun!