08 May 2012

Down on the farm

Time to transition from exploring unknown waters to cultivating well known soils- soils that have been in my family since 1839.  Nick and I dove right into our new farm life upon returning from the Middle East (to view our travel blog, click HERE).  We are living on a few acres just north west of Freeport, IL and a short drive from the family farm I grew up on.  We spend several days a week on the main farm: helping plant crops, making preparations for farmers market, working with the livestock, harvesting crops, etc.
When we are not on the main farm we are home taking care of our 6 little billy goats, 1 milk goat, 3 chickens, and a rooster!  We are loving having time to explore the things that interest us, and to develop our knowledge of what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle.  We look forward greatly to the rest of the summer unfolding, and all of the wonderful things we will learn and experience in the process.  I want to share some of those things with you, and invite you to follow as we learn.
I am working on a couple of main projects right now.  I am finalizing details on our new 100% Grass-Fed Beef program, which will make our delicious, nutritious, pasture raised beef available to the local consumer!  I am hoping to have at least one cow divided up among buyers and off to the local slaughter house by the end of the month!  I am also working on selecting which High Tunnel System (hoop house) we will purchase with grant funds awarded by the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service).  So exciting things are happening!
The first farmer's market was last Wednesday, and my dad will be off to market again tomorrow with loads of asparagus, green onions, radishes, and flowers.
The pigs that will grace Nick and I's wedding buffet table this August are happily rooting about in oblivion as to what is to come.
We are happy to be working side by side with family and this summer's intern, Trina, and know this is just the beginning of a wonderful summer.

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