23 May 2011

May flowers

The first sunflower has opened up it's cheerful face to the sun!  The zelias are also in full force... doing MUCH better than I anticipated they would.  So much better, they may grow too tall and shade the tomato plants!  Perhaps a transplant is in their future..... these photos are about 2 weeks old.  More to follow soon!
Here is a picture of the new plot as of early May:
Cucumbers on the far right, tomatoes and peppers hidden by the zelias, squash on the left, and sunflowers in the back!

And here is a picture of the old plot as of early May:

Since this photo was taken we had to add another 2.5 feet to the kentucky wonder beans fence!  The swiss chard in the photo is the infamous chard that has been producing since last October!  Below is a close up of it in all it's glory:


  1. that chard looks so good. Kudos on your awesome garden -- I'm so jealous! I get so frustrated with crappy veggies at the grocery store that I can't wait to get a place of our own and start a nice big garden. Too bad I suck at keeping plants alive...

    nice blog, Marli! :)

  2. Thanks Jacqui! I need to be better about updating... I'm still a newby at blogging!

  3. you won the grant? Kathie