31 May 2012


After many many hot dry days we were blessed with a wonderful downpour last weekend (while Nick and I were actually up in Minnesota canoeing in the Boundary Waters!) and now as I type the rain is steadily falling outside our window, giving the world a fresh clean newness that only a good rain can bring.
We were happy to have Nick's cousin Haley with us for a few days this week, and had fun showing her what our life is like on the farm.  She got to help with planting sweet potatoes and onions, weeding peas, picking strawberries, feeding the pigs and bull, milking the goat, and all the other little things that we do in a normal day.  She had a great attitude and was willing to try anything, and it was a joy to share some time with her.
On Tuesday we slaughtered a lamb and then had a feast of roast meat on Wednesday, with about 20 people over to share in the food and merriment.  It was a real good time with family, old friends, and new faces.
Meet Dora, our milk goat.

Bottle Feeding the babies.

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