05 July 2012

One of the beautiful things about working on a family farm as opposed to running your own independent operation is that you have the ability to get away here and there without all your animals and vegetables going to pot!  Nick and I left the farm in the capable hands of my family and the farm intern, and headed up to Michigan last week to attend the Electric Forest music festival, headlining one of our favorite bands, String Cheese Incident.  We were gone for a whole week, because we chose to volunteer for two days before the festival in exchange for free tickets.  The music was great, and it was really nice to get away from the daily routine and enjoy some time just relaxing and talking.
We got back earlier this week and spent Tuesday working on the farm trying not to overheat. I spent a lot of time organizing the hundreds of cloves of garlic which were recently harvested- sorting them by variety and then into seed for next year and food for this year.  Nick worked on fixing a tractor that was broken when our bull smashed onto it after leaping into the air.  Yikes.
The Fourth of July was spent in a whirl of blueberry fun.  I made jam and a pie and Nick got a bunch going in our dehydrator to enjoy this fall and winter.
Today Nick is at the farm making up for our missed day on Monday (we were on the way back from the festival) and I am looking forward to making a lot of progress on some wedding prep tasks.
Pray for rain y'all!

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