29 July 2012

BEEF. It's what was for dinner.

At the end of June we took one of the farm's year old Holstein steers into the local slaughter house with dreams of steaks and burgers dancing in our heads.  I pre-sold 3/4 of the beef to two local families interested in switching to grass fed, and the last 1/4 was designated for our family.  
Grass fed beef is wonderful because it is beef as nature intended it to be- from cows who roam happily through wide open pastures grazing on a variety of grasses.  Because they are mobile and are eating vegetation instead of being cooped up in a stockyard eating grain, beef from grass fed bovine is leaner, more flavorful, and has a higher nutritional content for the consumer. 
All our dreams were realized as we grilled up some delicious rib-eye steaks and burgers last night, and enjoyed the lean yet juicy, flavorful, healthy taste of our own homegrown beef.

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