20 June 2012

New Potato, Leek, and Kale Saute

Good eatin time is here on the farm!  We are at the point where I no longer need to buy any produce from the grocery store... a point which makes me very happy :)

A quart or so of new potatoes, chopped
3 fresh leeks, sliced thin
3 fresh cloves garlic, smashed and chopped
5 leaves of kale, coarsely chopped

Heat a large frying pan and add the potatoes.  Cover and stir occasionally until they are almost tender enough to eat.  Add leeks and garlic.  Continue to cook, covered, until the potatoes are ready.  Remove lid and add the kale and stir until the kale has all changed to a deep green color, then serve!

I just made this for Nick and my lunch using all fresh farm vegetables that we have grown so far this season.  I served it with baked chicken raised on my parent's farm.  It was delicious, and will be a repeater!

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