21 June 2012

It seems this is turning into a food blog....

I promise a "farmy" blog entry next time I write.  Maybe there will be a good story from our day at Chestnut Cliff Farm tomorrow that I will share with you!
But today I want to write about the delicious smell of fresh bread in the oven.  Those of us working on the farm this summer decided that we needed to enact a Bread Rotation,  since it is easy to make several loaves at one time, and with a rotation each person would not have to bake so often.  It was decided that Trale/Margaret would bake bread on Tuesday, Marli/Nick would bake on Thursday, and Pat/Trina would cover the weekend.  So that is how my house came to be filled with tantalizing aromas this afternoon as three golden loaves and one round loaf baked to a crusty perfection:

I use a really basic whole wheat bread recipe and then add all sorts of fun stuff in whatever quantities strike my fancy.  These loaves have oatmeal, honey, wheat germ, ground flax seed, and sunflower seeds in addition to my base of wheat and white flour, water, yeast, oil, and salt. 

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