19 March 2011


One of Webster's definitions of growth is "progressive development."  I think this accurately describes the growth my garden experienced last week.  Nick and I rented a rototiller from our local Home Depot and proceed to get a little crazy.  We tilled up last year's garden, then tore into a patch of ground in the facing back corner of the yard, ultimately more than doubling our planting ground! 
New plot
The process of turning over fresh dirt and the heavenly smell that accompanies it always refreshes me.  I was lucky to have a strong man there doing all the muscle work so I could enjoy the experience without enjoying aching muscles the next day!  In the process we saw many worms, a frog, two snakes (one of whom we may or may not have killed accidentally) and other creepy crawly things that inhabit a garden.
We planted many things that night: lettuce blend, spinach, bok choy, zucchini, crooked yellow neck squash, green beans, swiss chard, watermelon, cantalope, green melon, cucumbers, winter squash, cutting flowers, and sunflowers!
With the growth of this garden will hopefully come the growth of many things: growth of knowledge, growth of production, growth of health, growth of love.

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