31 January 2011

Swiss Chard Rules

Self-admittedly, I have got to be one of the most inconsistent (and therefore worst) bloggers out there.  I was filled with exhilaration as I created my blog... felt accomplished and satisfied after making my first entry... and now, months later, realize that I have completely and utterly neglected my once loved blog without a second thought.

So here is the skinny on what's been going on in the garden!:
-Swiss Chard has been crowned the ruling gem of this backyard garden.  We had many a delicious meals complimented by it and still anticipate a few more to come!
-The peas produced about 10 pods.... even winter in Houston is apparently a little too cool to bring them to maturation.
-Beets looked very good and seemed to be growing well until I pulled them to find little radish sized bodies beneath their lushish (and edible!) greens.  I did make an experimental batch of beet pickles out of them thought, so all was not lost!
-Still waiting on Carrots and Parsnips to come to fruition...
-Turnips were a success!  Crisp, mild, and delicious as an afternoon snack.

-Test soil before trying to grow plants in an urban setting
-Don't let your boyfriend dump the leftover charcoal from grilling on the garden... all carbon is NOT the same.
-Start your garden a tad earlier than mid-October
-Enjoy what you reap and learn from what you don't!

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