03 September 2012

We are swimming in juicy, sweet, little white peaches from the farm and today I decided to dedicate a few hours to putting some away for the winter.  I wasn't quite sure what form that would take; would I can?  would I freeze?  would I dry?  I ended up doing a few things, and spending a few more than a few hours doing them.
First I canned 5 quarts of skinned halved peaches in a light honey and water syrup.  Canning in our current kitchen is a challenge, as one of the elements on our stove is not working, and a brilliant person decided it would be great to put a cabinet right next to the stove so that you can't have any pot larger than the element fully on either of the burners on that side of the stove.  But with a little creativity my mission was accomplished, and each resounding "bup" as the jars sealed brought joy and gratification to my ears.
I then embarked on freezing some peaches.  This took a lot less effort than canning did, as I simply cut the peaches in half, trimmed off any bruising, coated with some lemon juice, and voila: ready for the freezer. The frozen peaches will be great additions to smoothies and baked goods this winter.
After canning and freezing a good amount of the peaches I'd brought home from the farm I was still left facing a good many more, and my motivation was dwindling.  So I decided to make something fun and delicious that could be enjoyed today: a fresh peach pie.  This brought back memories of my sister-in-law Melanie and I (back before we became sisters-in-law!) riding our bikes from our apartment outside Houston along the freeway to wal-mart to buy a ton of peaches and make a pie.  I remember getting to the store and realizing we had no idea how many peaches we needed, so just stuffing the backpacks we brought with us.  We ended up having WAY more peaches than we needed... a little bit reminiscent of today.  Although I'm not entirely convinced there really is such a thing as too many peaches.

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